Meet the bears

We are a collective of creative creatures. A team of mixing magicians. We compose passion. Craft experience. Brew love. We strive for flavor perfection that's served in style.

Put simply, we deliver exciting e-juices - vivid, distinctive, genuine. All engineered from scratch in the spirit of our flavor supreme philosophy with a hint of black magic. A mix that really lets you tase the difference.

We are dedicated to the vaping scene and share the love to make the community grow stronger.

Bold and based in Berlin.
True to the game and poised to define it.


Wholesale / Private label

Interested in a stand-out brand to boost your e-juice game? We’re always on a lookout for great distributors, wholesalers and shop owners who want to carry our products and build a long-term relationship in the process. We guarantee prime business conditions, support and infinite love to help you expand your reach. Offer your clients and partners something special with Go Bears.

Get in touch today and let's talk about tomorrow.

Questions? Don't be shy!

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